Carina and the Six String Preacher

A spicy blend of jazz, surf tango, and pop with a touch of blood and a dash of cinnamon — Carina and the Six String Preacher’s “Jazz Noir” sound is reminiscent of a modern day Les Paul and Mary Ford with an edge. Based out of Buffalo NY, the band — formed in 2012 by guitarist Vincent James Mastrantonio and singer Carina Mastrantonio— spent most of their first year writing, recording, and performing as a duo. In 2013 they were joined by drummer John Brady and began to perform at some of the most renowned venues and festivals in the region. That summer they released their debut full length album “Liquid Think”, celebrating it’s completion at the legendary Sportsmens Tavern. The following year they launched their YouTube channel and uploaded two official music videos within 5 months — “Cabin Fever” and “Forget About Me”. Both songs were a sneak peak into their EP, “Why You So Wild, Crocodile” which was later released and showcased at the revered PAUSA Art House in December 2015.


Their music has been recognized by numerous publications and bloggers, describing it as “Clean, fluid, and inventive guitar lines dance between Carina's sultry purr and seduces your ears and mind alike. But like all good seductresses she always leaves you wanting more.” ( and “…a refreshing, creative sound. It’s well produced with fantastically written songs and playing.” (All Music & All Bands). described their audience as being “spellbound” during a performance at 189 Public House, further elaborating that it was “a performance that varied in tempos yet when it was over – you knew you just saw something special.”


Carina and The Six String Preacher are currently working on their third LP, and plan to continue writing and releasing music and videos. To stay up to date with their latest releases, like them on Facebook, subscribe to their youtube, and check out their website —!