Brotha Perry

Friday, August 25th  8:00pm - 10:00pm
The Frontier Porch

A native of Buffalo NY, and the eldest of three children. Brotha Perry has served the kingdom of God using his gift of music to uplift the people of God. For many years, he has worked faithfully in the music ministry as a church organist. Teaching various choirs, and gospel groups throughout his life.

His strong musical conviction for God's service keeps him humble before the Lord and never wavering in where his gift should be used. many offers to cross over into the secular music field, have been offered to him, but with that kind smile he politely says, " my place is with the people of God ... no thanks ". 

Raised in the Holiness church, Brotha Perry's playing style is filled with Pentecostal power and a heavy Jazz flavor. As he said... “when I went to church we had a holy ghost party every Sunday... it’s all I know.”

His debut gospel jazz CD titled “Lawd Ha Mercy" is setting the airwaves on fire. Brotha Perry rearranged the favorite hymns of the church into a groove gospel jazz CD that keeps the saint’s feet tapping, and their souls grooving for the Lord.