Mark Marinaccio and Friends

Saturday, August 26th  5:00pm - 7:00pm
The Rising Star Stage

Mark Marinaccio & Friends is a rather recent and unique phenomenon in the original music scene. Compositions by keyboardist and vocalist Mark Marinaccio inventively highlight the assortment of gifts each band member possesses. With a rotation of world-class horn players in a section ranging from four to six, the band’s texture can be as robust as a listener could want and yet as delicate as needed for the most sentimental ballad.

 An unusual chemistry was instantly apparent upon the band playing its first live notes, thanks to a rhythm section built on drummer Preston Brown and bassist Paul Yates. With Tim Clarke and Jim Bohm on trumpet, and Thomas Marinaro, Ken Witman and Tim Martin on saxes, MM&F sounds like a group that has played together for decades. Vocalist Mariah Pizarro is an up-and-comer for not only her feathery soprano tones, but also her overall musicality. Geraldo Castillo’s percussion takes everything to a new level.

MM&F is coming off a successful endeavor in which they sold out MusicalFare Theatre in a jazz tribute to the music of Michael Jackson. Now, the group looks forward to a season of balmy outdoor festivals and new audiences. On August 26, the group welcomes special guest musicians John Bacon, Jr. and John Hasselback, Jr.