machine dream duo

Saturday, August 26th - 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm
The Peace Garden Stage

Bold, intimate, and innovative: the accordion duo Machine Dream’s repertoire is an exhilarating mix of cross over world jazz, Balkan, prog-rock, and even techno-pop. Machine Dream’s interplay of traditional piano accordion and the eastern bayan paints lushly textured landscapes, drives into explosive highs, and fades into stark abstraction.The duo formed in 2021 and have spiritedly been composing and recording their 1st album, the eponymous Machine Dream. In each track, you can hear two distinctive musicians bring the best out of each other, whether it’s intertwining melody lines or swapping momentous improvisations. Machine Dream’s musical voyages have captivated listeners’ imaginations in their live performances.

Paul C Kozlowski on bayan is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist who has won multiple awards for his work in scoring avant-garde theater productions and has toured internationally with his ambitious genre-bending group Casperous Vine. French born Jeremy Spindler on the piano accordion has played in a broad range of groups and specializes in the French Musette, Brazilian, and Eastern European musical styles.

“It is their combined interest in world fusion music--weaving together the common threads among Mediterranean, Arab, European, and South American sounds from the distant past as well as the here and now--that unites them and makes this new endeavor such a welcome return.” Ron Ehmke in Buffalo Spree 12/21.