board of director

Former trumpet player in the legendary Payne Junior High School Lumberjacks Dance Band and Marching Band (NT, circa 1977-79), DiBernardo has long enjoyed a passion for jazz music; especially from somebody else's trumpet.  While operating the graphic design firm he founded in 1986, DiBernardo realized his passion for the hospitality industry when stepping in for an occasional celebrity bartending stint, where he was required to leave his trumpet at home. And where he was not a celebrity.

In 1994, DiBernardo partnered in numerous restaurants until lured by the strains of Lewiston; specifically, The Riverside Inn. Today DiBernardo's wife owns and operates the former Iandmark as “Water Street Landing”, which was his first proud solo gig. Water Street Landing rests on the lower Niagara River in Lewiston, and remains a portal to the valuable relationships that DiBernardo regards as the jewels in his community.  He proudly holds positions on the Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce Lewiston Advisory Committee, the Lewiston Jazz Festival Board, and foremost, he is passionate about his role in the lives of his partner and wife, Jacqueline, and their Lewiston-born twins, Franca and Venanzio. The DiBernardo’s also operate The Delaware Pub & Grill in the Town of Tonawanda.

A message from Jon:  “Since Jazz is sometimes overlooked in the stream of arts, it is imperative that free music festivals throughout the country expose as many people as possible to this incredible phenomenon. The Lewiston Jazz Festival holds a distinction that many festivals never realize – not only does it “press on” through the economic valley, but it actually prospers!  So many festivals have been downsized, suspended, or in many cases, eliminated altogether. Serving on this board for such a successful term has been extremely satisfying.  But equally, being allowed to sit with such great people, all selflessly focused on something for the greater good, and giving more than their time budgets allow, has been both inspirational and humbling.

For this event, the music, and to all who partake, my inspired appreciation for supporting this amazing festival.  Finally a reason to sound my trumpet – let our festival be heard!”