director emeritus

Dennis M. Tosetto served as both the Lewiston-Porter Middle school Principal and as Adjunct Professor at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at Niagara University for many years prior to his retirement.

During his time at Niagara University, he served as both a member of the Computer and Informational Sciences Department and the School of Education. Currently, Mr. Tosetto serves as the Executive Director of the New York State Middle School Association and as a member of the New York State Council of Educational Organizations' Board of Directors. He is a past president of both organizations and regularly writes a column for “In Transition,” the Journal of the New York State Middle School Association.

In 2003, Mr. Tosetto was named Emeritus member of the Statewide Network of Middle-Level Education Liaisons by the New York State Education Department and was also given Emeritus status in 2009 as a member of Phi Delta Kappa, a highly regarded national professional organization for educators. In 1988, he was named an Honorary Toronto Principal.

Over the years, Mr. Tosetto has served as an educational consultant at both the state and national levels. He received numerous state and national awards and special recognitions from various professional organizations in the areas of research, leadership, and for his special contributions to the profession. Mr. Tosetto resides in Lewiston, NY and the families of his two adult children are residents of the Lewiston-Porter Community.