“Jazz is playin’ from the heart. You don’t lie.” – Bunk Johnson

The Festival occupies four full blocks of Lewiston’s charming downtown thoroughfare, Center Street (from Fourth through Seventh Streets), which are blocked off to traffic during the two days of the Festival. Five music stages are spread throughout the grounds, presenting nonstop music during every minute that the festival is open. Each stage is different, offering festivalgoers a wide variety of distinctive listening experiences.



Main Stage, located on Center Street at Fourth, is the featured venue for our headline acts. It is a large, elevated concert-quality stage set up specifically for outdoor events. The Main Stage is the only stage offering reserved, ticketed seating – highly recommended for those who want to be sure they are best positioned to see and hear the headline acts.





Center Street Stage, located at the other end of the Festival grounds, on Center Street between Sixth and Seventh Streets, is another large, elevated concert-quality stage. Free seating is available here, though seats are limited in number. Festivalgoers are welcome to bring their own folding chairs if the provided seats are occupied. The Center Street Stage typically features some of the region’s best local musicians and bands, particularly those with more numerous personnel.




Frontier House Stage is located on Center Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets, directly in front of the Frontier House, an impressive 1824 structure that was in its day considered one of the finest hotels in the state. Limited free seating is provided at this venue, but it is primarily the Festival’s premier site for surprise discoveries. Because of its central location, festivalgoers strolling the grounds cannot avoid passing this stage – and stopping to listen to whoever happens to be performing.





Peace Garden Stage is located just off Center Street, between Fourth and Fifth, in a and beautiful, parklike setting. It’s a small, quiet venue typically featuring duos and other small groups. Stop by, set yourself down under the trees on a park bench, close your eyes, and take in the music in a completely stress-free environment.




DiCamillo Courtyard, located between Fifth and Sixth Streets adjacent to DiCamillo’s Bakery, is an intimate venue featuring small combos in a quiet and peaceful setting. Perfect for strolling by and stopping to listen for as long as you care to.